Our story

The name Danieli has always been associated with one of the biggest steel industry groups in the world. Marina however, has chosen to follow her love for the local country side and its beautiful surroundings by devoting herself to the vineyards on the suggestive hills of Buttrio, and later by expanding into hospitality.

The commercial farm started its activity in 1980 borrowing an old symbol of the family; ‘il mus’, the donkey. Standing for stubbornness, strength and resilience it is also a reminder of Marina’s grandfather and his witty sense of humour as he chose it as a family’s emblem.

In 1996 the purchasing of Scacciapensieri – agriturismo e ristorante – represents the first step in the hospitality business.
In 2000, after a long restoration process, Villa Dragoni finally opens its doors with dedicated rooms for public and private events.
In 2009 Locanda alle Officine, a business hotel right opposite the Danieli Industries founded by Marina’s father, is also acquired.
Finally, the opening of the health Spa Le Clama during the summer of 2010 marks the completion of a very ambitious project.

There are now a total of 26 rooms divided over three locations.

Wine making remains Marina’s first love, with her vineyards situated mainly on the sunny hills of Buttrio. It is from this land, with great passion and enduring dedication that our extraordinary wines are produced.