Wine Bar Mus


We are very happy to announce a new activity in Marina Danieli Estate portfolio: Wine Bar Mus

Our renovated wine bar will welcome all our beloved friends on January the 22nd in Buttrio, Udine. We’ll wait for you, don’t miss it!

New Don Arturo in Vienna

Don Arturo just reopened its doors, and most importantly, its amazing garden to the public.
An elegant but familiar staff and setup welcomes the guests and lead them to the ‘secret garden’. A terrace with high green trees and a nice breeze, with lounge music.
I had my lunch here today and has been the most relaxing lunch I had in a long time.
I tried the ‘Penne con orata e zucchine’…just PERFECT!
Service: excellent
Food: great!
Price: fair

Pino in Mödling

Today I had a lovely, quiet and sunny lunch in the nice town of Mödling, Austria. The Restaurant Pino has a great garden in the middle of the town. I have ordered a Pizza Tricolori, which was great: crispy an tasty. One of those light pizzas perfect for an easy lunch.

Service: good

Food: very good pizza, looking forward to trying something else

Price: fair